Share data with your friends with Google Drives

By | January 20, 2014

share dataWe all use gmail  for sending emails all across the world. With these mails we need to send attachments. Sometimes the attachments are very large. They can’t be sent directly if the file size is more than 20 MB. For bulk email google has  come up with a new concept similar as Dropbox. They call it as sky drive. They use a cloud for storing all your essential information. The maximum file size which can be stored free of cost is 5 GB. If you exceed the file size you will need to pay extra. You will need to pay them for additional services. Besides that you can easily upgrade your account for low prices. The price is as low as 2.5 USD per month. We all need to promote our products so that we can generate more business. Online methodology of business promotions is  very well accepted to catch the attention of youngsters and a new generation. With the advancement of computer technology people now are using the modern methods of marketing. People have now switched to more internet related activities which includes advertisement on websites, blogging, Facebook likes, posting comments on twitter.


Google Drive Has Proposed Unique Facilities And Features Like

  • One  can effortlessly utilize  your files all over the internet. It will facilitate us to accumulate disk space on memory disk.
  • One  can straightforwardly stock up his database and  information documents
  • One can work jointly with others

It is completely free of charge for storing your personal and  private information. An  individual can utilize a disk space  up to 5 GB on the Google drive.

Internet marketing and social marketing is very well-liked and proving a new weapon to fight the cut throat competition. With the recent advancement in modern information technology everyone wishes to go online and publish the information in public domain basically on the internet and intranet. Internet marketing has opened a new paradigm for business who strive to get more profits by using social networking sites. The number of internet users is increasing at a very high pace. Anyone can send big volumes of contents in a few seconds. The internet is now a good place to publish your products to millions of users easily. Almost everybody nowadays are using the online dropbox to store volumes of information. This information can be downloaded any time. Using google drives with your website can help you save bulk information. Besides this if you own a website you can give a link  from skydrive to your client directly to store and download all the important information. This technique will decrease the load on your server.

Attaching google drive with your website will also help you to get a good page ranking on the search engines. Using the API is given by google for google sky drive you can put your website in a higher ranking in different search engines. Some of the popular search engines are Google, Bing, and ask. A higher ranking for your website will attract more readers. Recently, Google Inc came up with a new concept on ad words. These ad words can bring a substantial amount of new customers to the websites. All most everybody has an account on Facebook. People keep on posting comments on Facebook. They like and post comments on everything the visitors come across. The search engine optimization scenery has changed considerably over the last decade.  In the very early days of the Internet, The methodology was concentrated and focused more on the fundamental elements of web design, keyword assortment, back links and situation. So, don’t worry if you have less disk space on your hard disk just use Google’s Sky drive.


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