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By | January 20, 2014

Email service has always been an important part of the whole World Wide Web experience. Through emails, it is possible for people to privately share data and communicate with each other. The data shared through emails is not seen by any other person but the person for whom it is meant. This is the reason why, in spite of the many social networking sites like Facebook and Google Plus, Gmail has remained important to the users. Like all the other email services, Gmail also has some basic features like emailing more than one user at a tie, instant messaging facilities and other facilities. is much more than just an email service. It is an easy and secure way of sharing information. Gmail has a very lucid and simple design.

google mail

This makes it very easy for new and first tie users to use this email website. In the beginning, every user has to register by signing in. One can use a Google ID or get a new one. Same login details can be used for all other services like Youtube, Blogger and others. Once sign in login, Gmail has a very easy to use page where one can find all the emails related to him. To the right hand side is the list of things to open like: Inbox, Sent Mail, Starred Mail and so on. At the center of the page are the various mails sent to you and the replies which you have sent back.

This gives a feel of watching a conversation as it happened. You can see earlier emails by seeing the earlier page. The design of every page is such that users will find it easy to locate any mail from any other users within no time. One can also print the mail or any other page of Gmail by simply clicking on the print option to the right top end. You can also watch the email in the new window if you desire. It is also possible to expand the email and its replies with just one click. One can also search for added friends and relatives on the left bottom of the page. It is also possible to quickly send them an instant message. Status can be checked according to one’s choice. There is a list of statuses to choose from like: available, busy, invisible and so on. This makes it convenient for the users to set the status depending on their choice and availability to chat. All these features make Gmail a very efficient and beneficial website for connecting with the people. With the changes in the online world, Gmail has also undergone some significant changes.

Gmail is very well connected to other services of Google to increase its usage. This makes it easy for the users to email and share all the different information to their contacts. Gmail has been hugely appreciated in smart phones and other handheld devices. One can send and receive email on the go and stay connected with the rest of the world. This has greatly increased the use of Gmail in the corporate world. There has been a sharp increase in the number of people using Gmail on tablets and phones. The ease of use and wide number of users has promoted the use of this service even further. Gmail offers the same quality of services on other devices too. This is because Gmail takes up less space and is very fast in loading. It is easily available in all the leading mobile platforms and is preinstalled in most phones and tablets. All these things make Gmail a very useful service from Google.

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