Know all you want to know about Gmail and its features

By | January 20, 2014

Gmail is a free web-based service provided by Google. Gmail website offers transfer, forwarding and exchange of emails between people. It is a fast and efficient method for exchange of emails.  A person can create an account for Gmail by going to their website and clicking the “create an account” box.  You can enter the information and create a new gmail address. Gmail offers better spam protection and virus protection than other email services and also provides lots of free mail storage facility.  It is possible to access Gmail via mobile phones and free version offers built-in chat facilities.

How To Use Gmail.

After creating an account on gmail, you can start using it by just ‘signing up’. Gmail offers various options such as sending an Email, chatting, managing your emails, managing the contacts, accessing news and to make phone calls. There are many free tutorials available online to understand how to use Gmail. These tutorials will give an introduction to Gmail and teaches you to set up Gmail account, sending email, responding to email, managing email and how to use Gmail with mobile devices.

Gmail is one of the most popular free email services at present available. Gmail offers amazing features and options to their customers.  The ads in Gmail are not comparatively less noticeable than the ads in other free email services. Moreover, Gmail doesn’t add ads in the messages unlike the competitors.  Gmail provides each user with 15 gigabytes of free storage space which is more than that offered by other web based email services. The average user will not have to delete any older messages to make space for the new messages. Gmail lets the user keep the mails archived on their server. However, you can expect occasional server slowdowns as many users rely on this service.

 The Important Features

Apart from the space the other important features of this service include

  • Free POP And IMAP- POP is the protocol used by desktop users to retrieve mail messages. You will be able to use Apple mail or Outlook to check the Gmail account. IMAP is the protocol for people who use more than one computer or device to reach Gmail.
  • Search- It is possible for the Gmail user to search through the saved emails for a particular mail. Google will skip the spam and trash folders and provide you with more relevant data.
  • Gmail Labs- Gmail uses this feature to introduce the experimental features to the user. The user can decide which feature to use while it is being developed by Google.
  • Offline Access- if you have the Google gears downloaded and have browser extension, it is possible to access the Gmail account even when the computer in not connected to the Internet.
  • Other Features- Other features include accessing the Gmail through a mobile phone. The user can set up filters to organize the mail and the user can flag important or special messages using a gold star. The user can subscribe to RSS and Atom feeds.

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