Share data with your friends with Google Drives

We all use gmail  for sending emails all across the world. With these mails we need to send attachments. Sometimes the attachments are very large. They can’t be sent directly if the file size is more than 20 MB. For bulk email google has  come up with a new concept similar as Dropbox. They call… Read More »

Know all you want to know about Gmail and its features

Gmail is a free web-based service provided by Google. Gmail website offers transfer, forwarding and exchange of emails between people. It is a fast and efficient method for exchange of emails.  A person can create an account for Gmail by going to their website and clicking the “create an account” box.  You can enter the… Read More »

Reasons for using Gmail Google mail

Email service has always been an important part of the whole World Wide Web experience. Through emails, it is possible for people to privately share data and communicate with each other. The data shared through emails is not seen by any other person but the person for whom it is meant. This is the reason… Read More »

Top 4 super cool Gmail features

Which email service will be best for you? The answer to this question is most probably: Gmail. This is the most advanced and the most comprehensive service of this type. You will be able to use a wide variety of Gmail features which are both functional and fun. Take a closer look at the most… Read More »